Most of us use Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook daily.  We are self-taught or went on a basic course a couple of versions back and have not had time to catch up with new updates and don’t have the time to go on workshops. 

Microsoft Word

The difference between a MS Office beginner and an advanced user is that an advanced user keeps up to date with and knows the capabilities of the individual applications, and where and when to apply them.  We often overlook the smallest of functions that could save us time and reduce stress if we were aware they existed!

On many occasions during my MS Office workshops, delegates tell me about the amount of time they have spent doing menial tasks manually e.g. converting text to columns, removing duplicates etc. when with the click of one of two buttons the task would have been done for them saving both time and reducing stress.  A common phrase on the workshops is – “If only I had known …”

How well do you know MS Word?  Are you still trying to figure out where things are and how they work, using only 10% of the applications power?  Take the following fun short quiz to see how you do.

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Next week we will take a look at how well you know your Excel.  In the meantime, if you would like to know more about the Reach New Levels workshops coming up, take a look at

How Well Do You Know Your Software: Microsoft Word
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