I am Angolan and currently reside in South Africa.  I come from a diplomatic family and I have travelled every 2 years to a different country.  This has given me the ability from a young age to learn and adapt to different cultures, societies and customs, therefore I am a fast learner and motivated character.  From my travels I learnt to speak Portuguese, English, French, Kikongo and Swahili fluently and have been able to use these language skills to be an event translator and interpreter.

I have good verbal communication and social skills and enjoy communicating and interacting with people of different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.  This is one of my strong abilities.

My sporting background has given me experience in being a member of a number of different teams. I have participated in several sport tournaments around Argentina and Chile.  I am a great team player but also know how to manage myself independently.

I am a person who likes to “play with” alternatives and look for hidden possibilities. I show a strong preference for people orientation and have high levels of communication skills, co-operation and empathy. I enjoy frequent contact with others; passionately sharing ideas.

Throughout my life I have lived in several countries, which gives me a great sense of anthropology and travel. I am always open to new experiences due to my life experiences and I can adapt myself in places very quickly. I am a fast learner and I am very committed to everything I do.

I am currently studying second year Industrial Engineering at Unisa (part time) and have joined Reach New Levels to assist in marketing their products in Africa and to assist with international delegates who need help with translation during workshops.


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