“… speaker was very much alive and full of fire – knowledgable and articulate.  Willing to share all …”

“… after the training I’m in a much better space, no more headaches, tears etc …”

“… I have attended many workshops but they didn’t provide information especially about free education, how to make our work easier …”

” .. Since I have met Dawn, my world has grown with information, Dawn is very informative and in touch with the latest greatest tools and information that you could use in your work place, she is really a mind full of resources …”

” … She (Dawn) has a passion for Office Professionals and is a respected individual in this field …”

“.. Dawn is a very energetic and enthusiastic woman with a huge heart for people. She has a passion for teaching and always gives her best. I know Dawn as a woman who will easily go the extra mile so that her clients get the best out of the material she teaches. I highly recommend Dawn …”

” … Dawn inspires one to keep on learning and stay up to date in the administration field …”

“… Dawn is detail driven and passionate about the subject she is speaking on. A great motivator and mentor …”

“… I have worked with Dawn Williams since 2006 and can recommend her as an exceptionally good speaker. She researches her topic well and delivers it with confidence and knowledge. She is able to add time to her speech if needed. She has a very positive attitude with a very good sense of humour. She overcomes challenges with enthusiasm. Dawn has a great passion to uplift the secretarial profession …”